Date: 28-01-2013

Slo-Lanka Slow Food Taste Workshop at the Good Market

Slow Food Colombo presented “SLO-LANKA”, a collaboration between Sri Lanka, Slovenia and Slow Food at The Good Market last Thursday 24th Jan 2013.

Tatjana Butul who is the Slow Food Convivium Leader from Slovenia was also present, where he taught the participants how to make some amazing Slovenian dishes using Sri Lankan ingredients which are delicious as well as good for our health.

Among the most favorite dishes were, Invigorating Vegetable Carpaccio with Buffalo Kurd Sauce on Rice Bread, Antistress Raw Chocolate Mousse with Cocoa & Avacodo and Black and White Kisses - Using Dates & Nuts.

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Saaraketha partners with Chitra Lane School for the Special Child & Children's Resource Centre








Taking another step forward, Saaraketha joined hands with Chitra Lane School for Special Children, in a bid to support their Sheltered Workshop. The Chitra Lane Sheltered Workshop provides a caring environment for intellectually impaired young adults that graduate from their school.

With the introduction of packaging which is hand made by these students at Chitra Lane School, we carry their message to our customers who embrace sustainable production and consumption.

Packing will come in both cloth and paper with each purchase of Saaraketha products accompanied with these packaging will contribute to the upliftment of the lives of these special children.

We always seek for likeminded responsible businesses and other organizations to collaborate in order to strengthen our efforts, leading to empowerment.



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