Date: 24-05-2013

Saaraketha makes new friends at the Good Market!!

The Good Market, Battaramulla - 23 May, 2013 by Romayne Anthony
There is always something curious and organic happening at the Good Market and this week was no exception. The weekly market held near Water's Edge in Battaramulla draws a mixed crowd of locals and expatriates who come to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of local producers selling everything from fresh produce, to colorful handlooms, scrumptious sweetmeats, local chutneys, and even home-made cakes. Throw in some wooden curios, tie dye, musical instruments and artists and the Good Market is where you want to hang around on a breezy Thursday afternoon.
The Good Market is more than a gathering of Sri Lankan products and fresh produce - it's a place to meet innovators, musicians, make conversation and share a meal. A celebration of local culture where good food and music mingle with all sorts of people with different stories to tell.
This week at Saaraketha, the talk was about making delicious quick drinks and snacks out of fresh organic produce.  


Saaraketha called in celebrity chef and organic food advocate Chef Duminda for some hands-on demonstrations using just a few of their 160 different products. Crafted deli sandwiches served with Saaraketha's newest product - warm crusty rice flour bread made from Ma-wee and Kalu-Heenti Heirloom rice was just one of them. Chef rustled up some quick and easy fillings for sandwiches that could be eaten on hot toast or cold bread.  


Mouthwatering Salads made a crunchy accompaniment for hungry visitors. "Mmm that's the first time I've eaten an Ambarella Sandwich!!"  was a comment from one convert.

Organic Tropical Juices

The cocktail of fruit drinks kept willing tasters at the stall - some returning to sip from the selection being mixed by Chef. From Soursop Lime Mint Micro Leaves and Bees Honey to Pineapple Passion Fruit and Ginger to Ambarella Green Chillie and Onion and Mint (Oooh It's like Drinking an Achcharu yes) to Passion Fruit, Ambarella and Mango almost each one had a lip-smacking response from his audience.  

The rest was a whirl as Chef kept whipping up all sorts of mixes that were all gulped down by curious onlookers. "So how much is a drink?" Some wanted to know.  Unfortunately this was purely a demonstration to educate visitors on how to use local organic produce to prepare food and drinks without the use of harmful additives like MSG. "MSG is used in drinks and people don't know it! We want them to taste the difference between Organic and MSG!" sounded a vocal Chef Duminda as he explained the essence of organic produce to eager listeners.


Saaraketha is more than just about organic food - it's about spreading the message of sustainable living and being advocates of the Slow Food Movement is just part of this mission.


At the Good Market once again Saaraketha created a happy platform to share and glean knowledge about the benefits of switching to organic food and that Green living is an easier, simpler and healthier way of life for all.

“By creating awareness about organic, sustainably produced goods, we strive to catalyze  a concious desire for sustainable consumption in the minds of discerning consumers; which in turn will empower sustainable producers and allow us to showcase them along with the interesting stories behind their products...” Charitha Abeyratne Hettiarachchi (Director – Saaraketha Holdings / Chief Executive – Saraii Village)


Slow Food Colombo

Saaraketha and Chef Duminda are active advocates of the Slow Food philosophy in Sri Lanka. The Slow Food Colombo convivium is led by Prasanna Hettiarachchi; the Chairman of Saaraketha Holdings.

The convivium is currently in a serious drive for creating awareness and buy in to the concept, leveraging social media platforms and structured local outreach initiatives. /

The Slow Food Colombo convivium has a vision to be a catalyst in influencing sustainable practice that supports the national endeavour of creating a link between “Plant to the Plate” and ensuring that the youth of the country are more interested in sustainable production and consumption practices.

The Slow Food movement aims to change an increasing trend among the rural youth of the country who tend to migrate to urban areas and away from food production, by bringing dignity back to farming communities of the country by creating an identity for the smallholder farmer communities who embrace sustainable practice.



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