Date: 06-10-2009

"Passage to India" - Slow Foods September 2009

Once again the Slow Foods Colombo hosted a gala event themed the "Passage to India" on the 25th of September at Tropical Hut, Paradise Beach, Mount Lavinia.

The Indian menu was prepared by Chef Ranga of the Mount Lavinia Hotel; a very young but excellent chef that offered all guests a delicious range of Indian curries and sweets, complimented by sparkling red and white wines...
Saaraketha presented a unique compliment of herbs gift wrapped as a floral arrangement which wowed all guests. The "Kekatiya" (Aponogeton Crispus) and "Rampe" (Pandanus amaryllifolius / Pandan Rampeh) arrangement was an instant hit with the guests and it showed the different creative way in which we can look packaging our food.
The next Slow Foods event, "The Argentinean Night" will be held on the 30th of October at the Mount Lavinia hotel.



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