Date: 16-04-2010

Three Pronged Mapping Exercise: Spatial, Social and Agro-biodiversity Survey Carried Out

At Saaraketha we aim to couple the benefits of modern technology with the wisdom of traditional agriculture to bring about maximum productivity from land and resources. Currently the main focus at the farm is on a mapping survey using Geographic Information System (GIS) techonology where spatial, social and agro-biodiversity surveys are carried out in the Grama Niladhari Division of 80Yaya. Using the information gathered, Saaraketha will be able to determine the most appropriate technological interventions and commercially viable crop mixes for the area and minimise risks traditionally associated with agriculture.
GIS Map of Location

Information that is gathered through the survey include data on presence of and access to infrastructure and services such as schools, hospitals, electricity and water. It also collected data on physical attributes on farmer plots such as plot boundaries, terrain, geo-physical features, current plant mixes on the plot, soil profiles and water availability within the plot. Common features of the GN Division such as road networks, cart tracks, foot paths and irrigation networks were also mapped to provide a complete understanding of the terrain, the infrastructure and the social settings.

UDA team mapping the agro bio diversity of 80yaya

The Urban Development Authority is assisting Saaraketha with a landscaping project using the same GIS technology. The landscape design of the farm will be the result of the combined expertise of specialist working on environmental sustainability, bio diversity, construction and landscaping architecture, environmental agronomy and spatial technology. The design, which is scheduled to be implemented in the farm in the latter part of June 2010, will bear testimony to Saaraketha's agro-forestry model that combines commercial viability, social acceptability and environmental sustainability.




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