Date: 30-04-2012

Saaraketha Home Delivery Service...

Saaraketha aims to start a home delivery service in the near future to provide good, clean, fresh and sustainably produced goods to YOU, the quality conscious consumer, straight from the farm to your doorstep.

This range is called the Harvest and it focuses on supporting rural farmers to embrace sustainable agricultural practice and champions the underpinning theme of infusing dignity to the vocation of farming, through the development of the rural agriculture driven economies, by standardizing skills, methods and processes based on contemporary global best practice.

Harvest aims to bring to you the best quality sustainably produced vegetables, fruits, spices and heirloom rice varieties straight from the plant to the plate. An opportunity for the discerning consumer to not just consume but consume with awareness. An opportunity to be seamlessly connected to; and experience the triangle of life; the soil, the seed, and the life giver; the farmer.

Let us know your interest in joining our client base… Email us at



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