Date: 05-09-2012

Saaraketha presents 'Saraii Village'...

Saraii Village is the new tourism venutre and a subsidiary Saaraketha.









Saraii Village is a unique and quaint little hide out in the South of Sri Lanka. “Saraii” meaning “The Essence“ in Hebrew language, denotes what this place stands for; showcasing The Essence of Sri Lanka to those interested in an authentic, adventurous, nature based holiday. Saraii is ideal for nature loving discerning consumers who appreciates and lives a low carbon lifestyle.









Saraii is not just a place to stay, when guests come to Saraii they feel a true connection with nature, a link with the people and the landscape, the culture and its environment. Guests will be able to enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere and the added adventure and excitement that’s possible by making Saraii your home.



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