Date: 22-11-2012

President of Slow Food Sri Lanka address the 6th International Congress at the Salone del Gusto / Terra Madre

6th Slow Food International Congress held during the Salone del Gusto / Terra Madre 2012, was an event that allowed Congress Leaders (Leaders of Slow Food Conviviums) to address the audience who represented the whole Slow Food International network, and allowed them to share ideas and thoughts which contributes in deciding the Slow Food movement’s future role.

President of Slow Food Sri Lanka, Prasanna Hettiarachchi delivered a speech addressing all congress delegates of the Slow Food movement, on “revival of heirloom rice varieties by strengthening the triple bottom line”. He highlighted the responsibility of members of slow food to bring in trading opportunities in order to empower rural smallholder farmers, instead of simply providing aid and the idea was warmly welcomed by the audience.








Click here for images of the 6th International Congress - Salone del Gusto / Terra Madre 2012, Turin, Italy.



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