Date: 29-11-2012

Prasanna Hettiarachchi of Saaraketha endorses The Good Market

Prasanna Hettiarachchi is the founder/Chairman of Saaraketha, an agricultural enterprise that empowers rural small holder farmers to embrace sustainable methods of production. Saaraketha is one of the key vendors at The Good Market. Here’s what he had to say about the initiative…

“An inspiring initiative; a hopeful sign of the maturity of the society and the times we live in. It is most certainly an indication that we are on the right track.. Amidst all the unsustainable happenings and negativity around us globally, there are yet little micro cosms of goodness and positivity that contribute to the ripples in the pool of humanity to ever widen; touching more lives… The Good Market bears testimony to a society that is evolving to embrace a greater awareness of the ” circle of life”, a greater sense of inclusivity and understanding, on the choices we make and the impacts they have…. May this seed of Goodness blossom into a myriad more”.

Article :

Saaraketha to showcase products at The Good Market

The Good Market is an event that promote sustainable production and consumption, a gathering of farmers, producer groups and social enterprises from all corners of Sri Lanka, showcasing their products that are good for our health, our communities, and our environment.

The first Good Market is scheduled to be held at the "Diyatha Uyana" (Boardwalk) in Battaramulla  on the 06th December and will continue to take place afterwards on thusday of every followning week.

The event is expected to attract a large number of discerning consumers in Sri Lanka who are conscious about what they consume, how they consume and how it is produced. Saaraketha will also be displaying produce coming from smallholder farmer networks and wishes to invite all our valued customers, members and followers to be a part of this experience.

The Good Market is a place for ethical producers and ethical consumers to come together. Its a place to meet friends, enjoy a family outing, and find a wide range of healthy, environmentally friendly, ethical products that are hard to find in one place, anywhere else in Sri Lanka. The Good Market is an Earth Market and is the first of many in Sri Lanka.

The Good Market is also a Terra Madre Day event, supported by Slow Food Sri Lanka in a bid to promote Slow Food movement's vision, here within the Sri Lankan communities. Terra Madre Day 2012 celebrations will begin with the launching of this event.



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