Date: 19-01-2014

Here's a Be(et) you cannot miss this year!

And so another year has begun - it's been quiet on the frontlines but we've been busy as bees at the backend this month and we hope you like the results. 

Saaraketha Organics is excited to have a new look, a growing range of new products and new friends who believe in what we do. 

Christmas is over, New Year celebrations are just behind us which made us hungry for the next season or reason to celebrate food. And we found it!

Yes you guessed it! The month of love is upon us and we're in a hurry to put it all in a box for you. Something about 2014 brings us hope that we will have more time to spend with family this year, more chances to seek out adventures, more opportunities to cook at home and more memories of sharing great meals with the ones we love.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be limited to couples - at least we don't think so and Valentine's gifts don't always have to be roses and candy - they can be something out of the box (literally) - You know where we're going with this don't you ?

That's right - "The Box of Love" is our gift to you this Valentine's Day and it's full of some sweet surprises too. 

In a Heart Beet 

And here's why we're putting our sweet red beetroots on the top of your Valentine's Day box! 

Not only is beetroot great for boosting stamina and making muscles work harder, research has shown that beetroot can help reduce blood pressure as well as its associated risks such as heart attacks and strokes.
This is because the high content of nitrates in beetroot produce a gas called nitric oxide in the blood which widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. A daily dose of 250ml of beetroot juice or 1 to 2 cooked beetroot (approx. 100g) can help dramatically reduce blood pressure and its associated risks.
Beets are not just healthy, nutritious and tasty they are also stylish, colourful and full of history. Here are some stories you may not have heard about the humble beetroot.
Hangover cure - Beta cyanin, the pigment that gives beetroot its colour, is an antioxidant so the humble beetroot could be the key to beating your hangover! Beta cyanin speeds up detoxification in your liver, which enables your body to turn the alcohol into a less harmful substance that can be excreted quicker than normal. 
Aphrodisiac  – One of the earliest known benefits of beetroot is its use as an aphrodisiac during the
Roman times. And it wasn’t all folklore as it has been found to contain high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones.
Getting in the mood - Beetroot contains betaine, a substance that relaxes the mind and is used in other
forms to treat depression. It also contains trytophan which is also found in chocolate and contributes to a sense of well being.
Food of love - The Lupanare, the official brothel of Pompeii, which still stands despite the best efforts of Vesuvius in 79AD, has its walls adorned with pictures of beetroots.
Everlasting love - In many cultures the belief persists that if a man and a woman eat from the same beetroot then they will fall in love.
Wonders of the world - Around 800 BC, an Assyrian text describes beets growing in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the wonders of the ancient world.
What other reasons can you find to  love a beet ? 
Oh yes they make fascinating baby food !! Always a winner with the fussiest eaters. 
Need we say more? 
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Here's a Be(et) you cannot miss this year!
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