Date: 08-09-2014

Haputale farmers join the Saaraketha Organics fold

Saaraketha Organics welcomed its newest cluster of certified organic farmers this time from the cool hills of Haputale, expanding their product range to meet the growing demand for fresh organic food. 

'We are excited to be adding these new farmers not just because they add value to our product line up but because each of these farmers comes with a vast experience of over 20 years in traditional organic farming.'Prasanna Hettiarachchi CEO of Saaraketha explained. 'Being certified is just another step to help them get a better price and bring this great range to our customers.'

20 farmers with cultivations across 20 acres from Haputale will be certified as part of this expansion that will add high grown varieties of carrots, leeks, cabbage, potato, pumpkin, capsicum and even a delectable selection of fruits to the Saaraketha Home Delivery box. 

'We have had the privilege of running the only online organic store ( in Sri Lanka for the last 5 years. Our range now includes over 80 varieties of local fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, heirloom rice, fresh organic spices and a great collection of yams, greens and herbs. But we want to do more than just offer products. We want to share best practices, we want to inform, edutain and help each customer experience the true virtues of organic food and sustainable living' says Prasanna. 



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