​The below products can be "Pre Ordered" for delivery through Saaraketha. Please list down all the products you wish to purchase, along with the required quantity in the "Message" field. Do ensure to fill all contact and delivery information accurately. Once you place the order, one of our representatives will get in touch with you with delivery and payment details.


500g - Rs 642.00


500g - Rs 722.00


500g - Rs 1,423.00


500g - Rs 1,218.00

White kochchi

50g - Rs 163.00


250g - Rs 414.00

Chow Chow

500g - Rs 449.00

Sweet Potato

500g - Rs 322.00

Baby Leeks

100g - Rs 113.00


100g - Rs 82.00


200g - Rs 461.00

Bok Choy

250g - Rs 446.00

Nai Miris

50g - Rs 146.00

Kiri Ala
- Tannia

250g - Rs 181.00

Kesel bada

250g - Rs 267.00


1kg - Rs 315.00


500g - Rs 1617.00


500g - Rs 1,251.00

Lettuce (Iceberg)

250g - Rs 384.00

Ordering steps:

  1. Select what you want from the above list, and quantities.
  2. Provide your contact number, delivery address.
  3. One of our agents will get back to you with your invoice for the payment to proceed.

Finally, Leave any special message or further instructions if you have any - Thank you so much for your purchase ! look forward to your delivery on the mentioned date.


  • Deliveries will only be done in 5 days from the ordered date.
  • Payments can be done via online bank transfer or through the payment link shared for your order by an agent.

Account Name - Saaraketha Holdings(pvt) Ltd

Account Number -1290028120

Bank - Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Bank Code - 7056

Branch - Baththaramulla

Branch Code - 029