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About Saaraketha

We like to keep it simple by saying Saaraketha strives to make it easy and convenient for families and businesses to choose healthy, organic food. We think this natually increases demand and creates opportunities for rural producers who are committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.

We believe that we have the power to change - to make individual choices - to take back control of our own lives, our health and our planet. Our mission is to offer people the choice to improve their quality of life with products and solutions that will help them achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

It is a back-to-basics philosophy that retains the essence of your home, your garden and your family.

Word from the CEO

Why Are We Special ?


    All our products have a history and a story before it reaches your door. In keeping with our belief that food should remain inspiring and delightful we make sure our farmers, and all our producers understand and practice the stringent steps of each regulation we adhere to.


    Saaraketha has practiced pioneered and customized an Organic Production system that combines the best of traditional knowledge with the stringent standards of international organic agriculture. Over the years we have learnt there are no shortcuts to ensuring the health of our soil, our water, our biodiversity and our farmers. The standard simply supports our longstanding vision that this is a future of farming and is worth fighting for.


    Over the years we have continuously monitored our waste footprint as a responsible producer. Organic food spoils fast so we needed creative technologies to help us keep the freshness in our produce without compromising our values.
    Enter MAP or Modified Atmoshperic Packaging a literal breath of fresh air for your food. MAP is a special packaging material that maintains the right mix of air and gases we find in Earth’s atmosphere.

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Meet Our Farmers

  • Since leaving his job as an educator Parandan is enjoying retirement as a full-time farmer – cultivating black gram and brinjal on ancestral lands. Passionate about his work Parandan believes organic farming is the way forward for both cultivators and consumers.

    Saaraketha Organics


  • Navarathnam became a fully certified farmer for Saaraketha in 205 – a veteran farmer who has been growing organically since 1980 he has since expanded from yams to banana and coconut to vegetables and fruits. He is a staunch believer in organic food and their impact on the health and wellness of future generations.

    Saaraketha Organics


  • Pushpam has been a Saaraketha farmer since 2014 with 7 children to support she remembers returning to abandoned land, struggling to cultivate and sell their produce with no stable buyer. She is now a certified Saaraketha farmer with both a better purpose and profit.

    Saaraketha Organics




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