Gotukola (Asiatic Pennyworth)

Gotukola (Asiatic Pennyworth)

Gotukola (Asiatic Pennyworth)

Gotukola (Asiatic Pennyworth)

Gotukola (Asiatic Pennyworth)

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In India and China, Gotu Kola was known as a longevity herb. Ancient Chinese medical texts report that the Daoist master and herbalist Li Ching-Yuen died at the ripe age of 256 years old and attribute his longevity in large part to the use of Gotu Kola on a daily basis.


In traditional herbal medicine, Gotu kola has been used for varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, psoriasis and the treatment of minor wounds.


Gotukola is considered as a green herb and eaten as part of fresh salad or herbal tea.

GOTUKOLA MALLUNG: Finely chop up gotukola leaves and stalks with red onions, chillies and grated coconut. Mix well with salt, pepper and lime juice.

KOLA KENDA (PORRIDGE) : Crush cooked rice with 1 cup of water. Add coconut milk salt and bring to a boil before adding pre-juiced gotukola and boiling. Serve with a piece of jaggery.


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