Immunity Booster

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Rs 950.00

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  • 100% Organic Food
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Rs 950.00

Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster is a Saaraketha initiative to help our customers to improve their immunity system. It is a combination of spices which are having high ayurwedic value. They are Turmeric fresh, Lime, Ginger whole, Red Onions, Curry Leaves and Black Pepper (Whole).

The ingredients in the immunity booster can be used in daily preparing of meals and you can enjoy immense health benefits. Immunity booster is high in antioxidants and helps to improve your immunity system. These spices helps to reduce sore throat and inflammatory illnesses. Also they have the power to kill bad bacteria and germs that has entered our body. Further regular use of these spices helps to improve your metabolic process too.

Per pack includes;

Black Pepper Whole 50g

Turmeric Fresh 100g

Ginger Whole 200g

Curry Leaves 100g

Red Onion 250g

Lime 250g



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