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Banana (Seeni Kehel)

Quick overview



Dry & Intermediate Zones

Originated from Southeast Asia

Mild and uniformaly sweet profile

For instance is often recommended for the sick, the elderly and children being full of nutrients for increased energy and vitality. Used as a treatment in Ayurveda medicine for burning sensation, excessive thirst, dysuria, mental diseases, epilepsy, diabetes and dysentery. Tryptophan, a naturally occurring chemical in bananas, alleviates depression and induces relaxation Banana’s high amount of B6 fights PMS by boosting the mood, and reduces seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms by calming the nervous system

The god Vishnu proclaimed of the banana fruit, “As the bark and leaves of the kadali tree are to be seen in its stem, so thou art the stem of the universe and all things visible to thee.” Even today, followers of Shiva and Vishnu believe banana plants are auspicious.

Bananas star in smoothie recipes. They pair well with a variety of fruits, from continental berries and apples, to tropical mangos and papayas. To add richness, blend in a tablespoon of creamy nut butter or chocolate. Banana chips – The recipe can be either frying in coconut oil or coating with powdered sugar, while others make a savory snack by adding salt, pepper, and a pinch of chili pepper. Make creamy banana ice cream by mashing frozen bananas with a hand blender, or by blending in a food processor. Though the texture resembles frozen yogurt, banana ice cream has none of its cholesterol or fat. Like smoothies, banana ice cream offers countless flavor permutations.

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