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Cinnamon Whole C4 (Cuts 65mm)

Quick overview

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It may help improve blood sugar control, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and provide immune support.



Sri Lanka was the only source of cinnamon, kept secret by Arab traders who wished to monopolize the market. Even now, cinnamon in its purest formcan only be found here.

Ceylon cinnamon is warm,woody, and sweeter than other varieties. It has a complex,sophisticated favor, which is delicate, flowery and subtle.

Cinnamon’s presence contributed significantly for SriLanka’s history with colonization. Ceylon cinnamon is finer and more delicate than varieties found elsewhere. Its medicinal properties are also far superior. The inner bark is layered to form the cinnamon stick or quill as it is known, through an ancient, time-consuming, and handcrafted method. A daily dose of Ceylon cinnamon may improve effectiveness of insulin in adults predisposed to diabetes.

The tannin in cinnamon clears respiratory passages, curbs heavy bleeding in the uterus, and reinforces the lining of the stomach and intestines against irritation, infection, inflammation and ulcers. It is also used to treat bladder problems, stimulate natural secretions that combat coughs and chest infections, and improves effectiveness of insulin. One of nature’s strongest antiseptics, cinnamon treats many kinds of acute and chronic infections. Its scent alone improves brain functioning.

Baked delicacies and desserts often feature cinnamon powder or cinnamon essence. It partners well with chocolate, and can be sprinkled on chocolaty drinks.Cinnamon sticks can be stored and blended into powder as needed.Savory dishes require it too.A stick of cinnamon added to Asian curries, especially beef or chicken, gives the dish warmth and depth.Cinnamon and honey together are a multi-purpose remedy.For example, cinnamon powders prickled on two table spoons of honey before meals aids digestion and relieves the stomach of gas.

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